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Rukka Protect Overall

Rukka Protect Overall
Rukka Protect Overall Rukka Protect Overall
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Waterproof taping inside. Keeps wind and water away

Product information

 Rukka Protect overalls keep the mud and water off. Soft fabric, which stretches in four directions, ensures comfortable fit and the product is easy to put on. High hood, taped seams and waterproof zipper are properties which ensure that the pet stays dry and clean in rainy weather. Various adjustment options make it easy to fit the overalls on many varied breeds. Be it a long-haired or smooth buddy, there is sure to be an option.

The product is developed so that it can withstand a bigger gush and you don’t have to have a wash after every walk. The back includes an opening for a leash. The trousers include easily fastened Velcro strips. The overalls also take safety into account by way of a reflecting logo and reflector strips. The overalls are sized 25-65.

 Size: 25 Back Length: 23cm Neck circumference: 32cm max.  Waist: 21-42cm Front Legs: 9cm Hind Legs: 10cm
 Size: 30 Back Length: 28cm Neck circumference: 34cm max.  Waist: 24-48cm Front Legs: 11cm Hind Legs: 13cm
 Size: 35 Back Length: 33cm Neck circumference: 40cm max.  Waist: 26-52cm Front Legs: 14cm Hind Legs: 14cm
 Size: 40 Back Length: 38cm Neck circumference: 46cm max.  Waist: 29-58cm  Front Legs: 15cm Hind Legs: 15cm
 Size: 45 Back Length: 43cm Neck circumference: 50cm max.  Waist: 31-62cm Front Legs: 21cm Hind Legs: 23cm
 Size: 50 Back Length: 48cm Neck circumference: 62cm max   Waist: 38-76cm Front Legs: 25cm Hind Legs: 25cm
 Size: 55 Back Length: 53cm Neck circumference: 64cm max.  Waist: 40-80cm Front Legs: 27cm Hind Legs: 27cm
 Size: 60 Back Length: 58cm Neck circumference: 72cm max.  Waist: 41-82cm Front Legs: 33cm Hind Legse: 34cm
Size: 65  Back Length: 63cm Neck circumference: 74cm max.  Waist: 43-86cm Front Legs: 34cm Hind Legs: 36cm

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