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FitPAWS Balance Disc
FitPAWS Balance disc can be used for weight bearing activities and balance training for sporting dog..
FitPAWS Balance Pad
FitPAWS Balance pad makes a perfect begining balance training tool and provides low balance challeng..
FitPAWS Donut
The FitPAWS Donut is a uniquely shaped exercise ball designed specifically for small dogs. With your..
FitPAWS Donut Holder
The donut holder is an integral part of ensuring the FitPAWS donut stays stable for maximum benefit ..
The FitPAWS egg is a new shape of stability ball for the advanced canine athlete!  It offe..
FitPAWS Giant Rocker Board
The FitPAWS® Giant Rocker Board has an extra-wide training surface 30" x 30"(75cm x 75cm) and a 1.5"..
FitPAWS Hurdle Set
Ideal for both the animal rehab trainer or the Agility handler on the move, Completely adjustable an..
FitPAWS K9 Fitbone
Integrate instability training to develop strength, endurance, proprioception, balance and flexibili..
FitPAWS K9 Fitvest
The Ultimate In Canine Fitness Training The only FUNctional canine fitness apparel that lets your..
FitPAWS Paw Pods
Sold in sets of 4 x 5" balance Paw Pods- Mixed colours FitPAWS Pawpods are made of firm yet flexi..
FitPAWS Peanut Ball
The FitPAWS Peanut is a peanut shaped stability ball designed for canine core conditioning and rehab..
FitPAWS Pump
Pump for inflating  fitball  and equipment Hand air pump with cone and needle attachments ..
FitPAWS Targets
Target training games can be a fun and engaging way to teach your dog to:   •Step on a specif..
FitPAWS Wobble Board
The FitPAWS Wobble board is an advanced balance training and core strengtheining tool for canines th..
KLIMB Dog Training Platform
The KLIMB™ was specifically designed to improve the relationship between you and your dog. Having a ..

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