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 Dog Sport Skills Book Two: Motivation
What is this about?   In this second book in the "Dog Sports Skills" series, Authors De..
101 Ways to Think Outside the Box 5 DVD Set
What is it about? On this seminar DVD, you'll learn creative ways to teach dogs new skills as well a..
A Trainer's Guide to Teaching Reactive Rover Classes 4 DVD Set
What is it about? Kim walks you through how to teach a Reactive Rover class.  In addition ..
Adolescent Survival Guide ebook
CLICK HERE FOR EBOOK USER INSTRUCTIONS What is it about? What Happened? Your cute, fluffy pup..
Advanced Clicker Skills: Shaping and Targeting 3 DVD Set
What is it about?   Ready to move into teaching more difficult or complex tricks or performance..
Bat 2.0 Series 6 DVD Set
What is it about- "BAT 2.0 Series" is a bundled package of 6 individual DVD titles encompassing ..
BAT 2.0 Set Ups
What is it about? Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) helps dogs gain confidence and social skill..
BAT for Geeks: A Technical Perspective on Behaviour Adjustment Training 2.0 DVD
What is it about? Why does BAT work? What’s the science behind it? What’s ‘under the hood?’ What..
Behaviour Adjustment Training 2.0
Many people in the behaviour and training world are familiar with Behaviour Adjustment Training, and..
Behaviour Adjustment Training ebook
CLICK HERE FOR EBOOK USER INSTRUCTIONS What is it about? A practical way to solve your dogs react..
Beyond the Back Yard
Most dog owners can successfully manage to teach their dogs the basic, albeit in a controlled situat..
Beyond the Basic- Unlock Your Dog's Behaviour
You are a dedicated pet owner or trainer who is willing to put a fair amount of time and though..
Brain Games for Dogs
Dogs are bred to be active creatures and require plenty of physical and mental stimulation in order ..
Brain Games for Puppies
What is it about? Puppies are learning from the time they are born. They are like little sponges abs..
Brenda Aloff's Fundamentals DVD
What is it about? Promote a great relationship with your dog, establish consistent behaviors for eas..

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