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Reliability for Reactive Dogs With Control Unleashed Exercises DVD

Reliability for Reactive Dogs With Control Unleashed Exercises DVD
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The world can be a distracting and often difficult place for reactive dogs. At shows this is even more so the case. It can be something of a nightmare for owners of reactive dogs to negotiate their way through small spaces filled with other dogs, often playing or even running agility rounds close by, without their dog reaching threshold.

In this DVD, Emma Parsons, a specialist in rehabilitating reactive and aggressive dogs, presents a programme which will help us face this challenge head on. In a filmed seminar, Parsons takes the participants through a series of exercises, including some taken from Leslie McDevitt’s Control Unleashed programme, which will help your dog to ignore distractions in the environment and instead turn their attention to you.
Parsons begins by explaining why it is extra important for reactive dogs to be taught reliable behaviours. She then shows us how to teach a default behaviour, which we can ask the dog to do when presented with challenging stimuli, reiterating the importance of continually practising this behaviour.

Parsons next demonstrates the look at that game, explaining how to click for looking at stimuli and then click for eye contact. She then introduces some parallel heeling as a way to test default behaviours. Parsons explains that heeling is an excellent tool to use to keep your dog’s attention and get them past potential problems.
We continue by adding novel stimuli, beginning with a dancing bunny toy. Parsons shows us an exercise for very reactive dogs, involving a back-up which prevents the dog from freezing and therefore potentially reacting. Parsons then expands on this by demonstrating the back up front, with the dog in the ‘front’ position, ideal for disengaging the dog from stimuli when needing to leave. She comments on how we need to be aware of our own body movements in relation to the dog. Parsons next sets up a parallel jumping exercise with one participant jumping a line of jumps on one side of a line of cones, with a second participant heeling on the other, giving the dogs a chance to practise default behaviours and keep focus.

In part two of the DVD, Parsons introduces us to cues to help our dogs settle, explaining how to tell the difference between dogs that want to work, and dogs that are reactive. She shows us an exercises invented by Kay Lawrence called the ‘Parking the Dog’ exercise.
Parsons then progresses the parallel jumping exercise to dogs jumping on both sides, before moving on to the car crash game. This game is taken from the Control Unleashed programme, and can be used to help get reactive dogs through occupied spaces.  It is also an excellent way to learn dogs' thresholds as well as keep their attention. It involves a box style set up with a number of  handler and dogs combinations walking in different patterns so they come closer and closer. Parsons ups the difficulty by adding more dogs as well as novel stimuli.

Finally, Parsons has the participants practise their default behaviours in front of dogs playing, before teaching us the ‘Get Behind and Stay’ exercise which she describes as lifesaving behaviour for all reactive dog owners.
A comprehensive DVD full of interesting and insightful tips from a reactive dog expert.

More about Emma Parsons- ~~Emma Parsons is currently the Canine Behavior Training Consultant for the VCA Rotherwood Animal Hospital in Newton, MA. She specializes in managing and rehabilitating the reactive and aggressive dog. She is the author of two highly popular books on this subject: “Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog” and “Teaching the Reactive Dog Class: Leading the Journey from Reactivity to Reliability.” Emma is a faculty member and instructor of Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior as well as of the Karen Pryor ClickerExpo conferences. She gives "Click to Calm" seminars around the world, teaching others how to manage and rehabilitate reactive and aggressive dogs. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). Emma holds a BA degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and shares her life with her husband, Greg, and their four clicker-trained competition obedience/agility dogs—three Goldens, Lizzie-Taylor, Kayden-Blue, Austyn-Roque, and a Papillon, Wylie-Rae.

When was it released? 2015

Who produced it- Tawzer Dog

Running Time- 4 hours, 6 minutes

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