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Breeding A Litter

Breeding A Litter
Breeding A Litter
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What is it about? This book tells you all you need to know about breeding a litter. It starts with the practical considerations about whether to breed, including in depth information about the bitch’s anatomy and physiology, choosing the right stud dog, and a step by step guide to mating. It also offers advice on caring for your bitch during pregnancy, and a guide to whelping, including what to do when things go wrong. It also explains how to care for your bitch and puppy after whelping and offers a special chapter on the importance of early socialisation, and advice on how you can ensure to meet these needs. 


More about Jim and Caroline: Jim Evans is a highly experienced vet, who has specialised in the care of dogs. He has been a Captain with the Army Dog Training School in Germany, and worked with many companies in the pet care industry. He has written numerous scientific papers and has travelled worldwide on lecture tours. Caroline Ackroyd-Gibson is a former science teacher, who is now well respected as a dog breeder and international judge.

When was it published? 2005

Who published it? Ringpress Books (UK)

Illustrations: Black and white drawings, tables and diagrams

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