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Skills, Drills and Thrills

Skills, Drills and Thrills
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The brand new skill drill exercise book, with multiple exercises per layout, quick and easy set ups, sub topics and dedicated skills labels per exercise. With over 100 exercises, Skills Drills and Thrills is the must have agility exercise book.

Designed with you, the handler in mind, Skills Drills and Thrills takes you on a agility journey through technical, intricate exercises to improve footwork, timing, positioning and signalling, to wide open and fast sequences that work on your independence, speed, deceleration and turns.

Skills Drills and Thrills is divided up in to 5 sections. Jumping skills, Tunnel skills, Long Jump & Spread exercises, Weave skills and Contact Skills. Each section has 5 layouts with 4 nested exercises within each one. That’s 100 exercises!

The exercises are complemented by 10 unique “7 obstacle courses” which allow you to easily build with just 7 separate obstacles, a course to run, channelling and practicing the skills you have worked on throughout Skills Drills and Thrills.

Following the success of Lee Gibson’s Agility Work Book, and the feedback received, one of the main ideas I had was that it can be a lot of effort to set up a sequence just to run it once, or have one exercise. This is where Skills Drills and Thrills comes into its own. Each layout has 4 nested exercise within it, enough for a training day, seminar or group session. The skills are progressive so you can work through the exercises one after the other.

This feature is what makes Skills Drills and Thrills unique, as it can prevent your agility dog “patterning” the exercise or sequence you are doing, something that is easy to happen without you even noticing!

Another fantastic feature of Skills Drills and Thrills is its waterproof design. I have been working closely with developers to create a material that is durable around the wet and sometimes muddy agility field. So even if you are setting up in the rain, Skills Drills and Thrills won’t be ruined!

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