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Bat 2.0 Series 6 DVD Set
What is it about- "BAT 2.0 Series" is a bundled package of 6 individual DVD titles encompassing ..
BAT 2.0 Set Ups
What is it about? Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) helps dogs gain confidence and social skill..
BAT for Geeks: A Technical Perspective on Behaviour Adjustment Training 2.0 DVD
What is it about? Why does BAT work? What’s the science behind it? What’s ‘under the hood?’ What..
Behaviour Adjustment Training 2.0
Many people in the behaviour and training world are familiar with Behaviour Adjustment Training, and..
Behaviour Adjustment Training ebook
CLICK HERE FOR EBOOK USER INSTRUCTIONS What is it about? A practical way to solve your dogs react..
Problem Prevention in Puppies and Dogs DVD
What is it about? Taking force-free training a step further - from reinforcement to empowerment ..
Survival Skills: Coping With Dog Reactivity in Real Life DVD
What is it about? Best known for the technique of Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), Grisha als..
Talk With Me DVD
What is it about? Many people talk TO their dogs, but not with them. Did you know that you can a..
The Official Ahisma Dog Training Manual ebook
CLICK HERE FOR EBOOK USER INSTRUCTIONS What is it about? This 108-page book is an introduction..
Walk With Me DVD
What is it about? Two of the major problems people have with their dogs are 1) pulling on leash ..

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