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 Dog Sport Skills, Book Three: Play
Play is a hugely important tool when it comes to training the performance dog. Not only does it gene..
Brain Games for Dogs
Dogs are bred to be active creatures and require plenty of physical and mental stimulation in order ..
Brain Games for Puppies
What is it about? Puppies are learning from the time they are born. They are like little sponges abs..
Bungee Fleece Tuggy Lead
The Bungee Fleece Tuggy Lead is a super lead when walking an over excited dog. It will take some of ..
Bungee Food Bag
These Bungee Food Bags are perfect for dogs that are driven by food more than toys. You get the best..
Bungee Handle Fleece Tug
The bungee handled fleece tug comprises of a short bungee handle and a braided fleece tug giving you..
Bungee Handles Extra Long
Help teach your dog to love tugging with our Bungee Handles. The handle has a large loop at the bott..
Canine Play Behaviour
What is it about? Dogs at play—how it works! Almost all dogs love to play—by themselves, with other..
Chaser Tug Rabbit
The Chaser Tug has been designed with one purpose in mind...........CHASE!!     I..
Chaser Tug Sheepskin
The Chaser Tug has been designed with one purpose in mind...........CHASE!!     I..
Crazy Thing Bungee Tug
The Crazy Thing Bungee Tug is a really fun toy, dogs love chasing and biting onto the fleece as it m..
Double Handled Sheepskin Bungee Tug
The Double Handled Sheepskin Bungee tug has the same basic design as the Sheepskin Bungee Tug but wi..
Faux Fur Bungee Tug
Our Bungee Faux Fur tugs were designed with fun and comfort in mind. There is a stuffed bite area co..
Faux Fur Pocket Bungee
Designed to fit into the palm of your hand when folded, this very popular toy is great when you need..
Faux Fur Tug
The Faux Fur Tug is a great small toy that is comfortable to hold and easy to both tug with or throw..

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