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Faux Fur Pocket Bungee with Rubber Ball
It may be small, but this pocket-sized tug toy is a big hit with trainers and dogs alike. Descrip..
Faux Fur Pocket Squeaker
The Faux Fur squeaker is a great small toy that is comfortable to hold and easy to both tug wit..
Faux Fur Tug
The Faux Fur Tug is a great small toy that is comfortable to hold and easy to both tug with or throw..
Faux Fur Whip It
Faux fur whip attachment. Just attach to a lunge whip and play... As seen in the absoluteDogs 3..
Fleece Tuggy Lead
Our fleece tuggy leads are an ideal way of rewarding those spur of the moment good behaviours while ..
Food Bag Tug
These Food Bag toys are perfect for dogs that are driven by food more than toys. You get the best of..
Grab Tags
Grab Tags are very useful when training and making the switch between on lead and off lead work.&nbs..
Little Tuggers Crazy Thing
The Little Tuggers Crazy Thing is a new addition to our range for puppies and smaller dogs.  Th..
Little Tuggers- Faux Fur Bungee
The Little Tuggers Faux Fur Bungee is a smaller version of our popular faux fur bungee designed for ..
Little Tuggers- Sheepskin Bungee
The Little Tugger Sheepskin Bungee is a great toy for dogs that just love real fur to bite into.&nbs..
Long Line
An ideal training tool when teaching dogs a recall. This light weight line can be attached to your d..
Pimple Ball Bungee
 The bungee handle ensures the handler has a comfortable grip, helping to reduce any jarring of..
Pocket Bungee- Sheepskin Ball Tug
Looking for a special motivational toy that you can easily keep under wraps while training? This poc..
Pocket Magnet
  Ever wanted a secret weapon when out and about with your dog to guarantee they only have e..
Rabbit Skin Bungee Tug
The Rabbit Skin Bungee tugs are great alternative to our Sheepskin Bungee tugs and also great for do..

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