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Roadkill Buffalo Squeaker Tug
  This toy is recommended for intermediate or hard tuggers.   Our Roadkill Buffalo S..
Roadkill Rabbit Squeaker Tug
  This toy is not recommended for hard tuggers.   Our Roadkill Rabbit Squeaker Tug i..
Small Rabbit Reward Pouch
  This is an excellent toy for first time tuggers, the strong scent of rabbit is very entici..
Squeaky Bouncy Tail Ball
  The Squeaky Bouncy Tail Ball is especially fun for dogs to chase and tug with! The combina..
Throw and Roll Pouch Flinger
  The Throw N Roll Treat Pouch is made from smooth cowhide edged with soft deer hide. It h..
Turbo Pocket Squeaky Tug
  The Turbo Squeaky Pocket Tug is a great training tug when you need something that fits eas..

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