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The Snuffelmat was invented in the Netherlands by enthusiastic dog owners who enjoy finding ways to provide their dogs with mental stimulation. With the Snuffelmat the dog sniffs to find the dry food/treats which are hidden between the fleece strips.

The Snuffelmat extends the duration of eating a meal up to 15 minutes and provides that essential mental work-out. Not only do dogs love the Snuffelmat, cats also love to search between the strips and find their dry food. Within the Snuffelmat you can hide a whole meal of dry food up to 400 grams.

The Snuffelmat is:
•Relaxing game for the dog
•Easy to make yourself
•Durable, using rubber
•Soft on the nose because of the soft fleece fabric



To ensure the dog uses the Snuffelmat to sniff instead of picking up, shake, digging and pulling the strips, the way in which you first

offer the Snuffelmat is important.

The first time put some threats ON the strips and 2 or 3 pieces between the upper strips. When the dog has found them then remove the

Snuffelmat. Now the dog connects sniffing to the game.


Stay the first few times with the dog as the Snuffelmat is used. Each time make it progressively more complicated by hiding the food

deeper into the Snuffelmat. Soon you can use a larger amount of dry food or treats (up to a meal) to hide and your dog will use his nose to find the food buried under many layers of fleece.


The reinforcement from finding the treats ensures that the focus remains on searching rather than demolishing so make sure that your dog gets lots of success the first few times you present the Snuffelmat by making the food easy to find.

To ensure the Snuffelmat remains interesting for the dog or cat put the mat away after use, out of sight.

The snuffelmat can be washed in the washing machine at cold/30 degrees in a pillowcase or laundry bag. Tumble drying

is not recommended.


The Snuffelmat comes with all of the precut fleece strips and the rubber mat ready for you to construct. The video clip shows how the Snuffelmat is put together.


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