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Ke-Hu Proton
This Ke-hu has hidden squeaky treasure Ke-hu Proton– tug toy with popular Atom -shaped ball, but ..
Ke-Hu Quirky Stick
Ke-hu stick that squeaks. Ke-hu Quirky Stick is a narrow classic stick type squeaky tugtoy. It ..
Ke-Hu Rasberry
Ke-hu Raspberry is a toy designed for small dogs. It has a durable and flexible solid rubber ba..
Ke-Hu Summer Special
Finnish Ke-hu toys have many fascinating elements. Flexible handle, materials that interest the dog,..
Ke-Hu Tennis
Some dogs just love tennis balls! Ke-hu Tennis is made just for them. The small size is su..
Ke-Hu Treat n Open
Ke-hu Treat’n Open is chubby treat pocket toy. It is designed so that dogs can open the toy and reac..
Ke-Hu Wacky
Ke-hu Wacky has two tug sticks made from high quality faux fur. Between them is flexible bungee. The..
Ke-Hu- Atom
Ke-hu Atom has a JW Pet’s high-quality net shaped ball, which has received its name from its shape a..

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