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Treat Hugger Treat Dispensing Fleece Toy

Treat Hugger Treat Dispensing Fleece Toy
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A treat toy for pups of all sizes that isn't made with any Velcro!

The Treat Hugger will hold any treat, from a single piece of kibble to a larger cookie. Just push the treat in between the two stuffed sections of the toy and toss away! The pressure of the stuffing holds the treat firmly in place. And, unlike food toys made with Velcro, the treat is easily accessible to your dog without him having to open anything.

The Treat Hugger is particularly good for dogs that don't like the sound or feeling of Velcro or that won't open Velcro treat toys on their own, for very small dogs that find even the small Lotus Ball too big, and for dogs that prefer a soft, plush toy.

The treat area is 4" long, 3-1/4" wide, and 2-1/4" high. We've added fun fringes to help make transitioning a food-motivated dog to toy play fun and easy. The Treat Hugger was designed by Rachel Evers, an agility instructor in California.

Machine washable.

Available in assorted color combinations; please allow us to choose for you.

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