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The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog DVD

The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog DVD
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What is it about?

Research on human athletes is changing what we know about stretching. For example, it is now recognized that aggressive stretching should only take place after muscles are warmed up and shortened from exertion. Authors Sasha and Ashley Foster have applied this latest research to dogs—many of whom compete in vigorous canine sporting events—so that you can learn how to safely and effectively stretch your dog to prevent injuries, maintain joint integrity, and improve you dog’s fitness whether he is an elite canine athlete or a lap dog.

This DVD demonstrates how to safely and effectively stretch each major muscle group. Teaches correct hand placement for joint stabilization and how to maintain good form. Stretching routines are presented for both large and small dogs, older dogs, and those that are involved in a variety of dog sports.

Stretching Fundamentals

Segment One - Learning to stretch your dog *Front; *Rear; * Spine

Segment Two - Activity Specific Stretching Routines

* Conformation * Rally & Obedience * Sled & Weight * Field Work * Tracking & Rescue * Earth Dog * Splash Dog * Disc & Fly Ball * Distance Running * Hiking * Herding


More about Sasha and Ashley- Sasha is a physical therapist, yoga instructor, and writer whose passion is geriatric advocacy (in any species) . She and her dog, Quin, have provided Animal Assisted Therapy to geriatric rehabilitation populations throughout Colorado.

Ashley is a certified Pet Dog Trainer with 13 years of experience whose passion is reward based training and canine advocacy. She handles multiple breeds in conformation for AKC events throughout the United States while being an owner/handler for her own Dobermanns in conformation, obedience and rally.

When was it released? 2012

Who produced it? Dogwise Publishing

Running time-  1 hour, 43 minutes

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