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The Dog Aggression Workbook

The Dog Aggression Workbook
The Dog Aggression Workbook The Dog Aggression Workbook The Dog Aggression Workbook
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What is it about?  The Dog Aggression Workbook is an interactive guide for guardians of dogs who behave aggressively. The workbook presents a systematic and highly efficient and effective, positive reinforcement-based approach to understanding, assessing and changing aggressive behaviours in dogs. Strategies and techniques are described clearly and completely in a conversational style that is easy to read and understand. Guardians will be armed with the tools they need to address all kinds of aggressive behaviour problems, while avoiding harsh punitive techniques. The workbook utilizes a behavioural approach, focusing on identifying specific problem behaviours, what evokes them and what consequences are maintaining them. It explains how to implement desensitization and behaviour replacement procedures to change emotional responses and the aggressive behaviours they motivate. Taking a global and comprehensive approach, it addresses the whole context in which aggressive behaviours are performed.

The Dog Aggression Workbook will be a useful compliment for Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs, a manual written for professional behaviour consultants as a means of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of professional consultation. Short and inexpensive, it would make a useful adjunct to consultation.


More about James- James O’Heare, CABC, is president of The Companion Animal Sciences Institute, Director of the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals, editor of the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behaviour and owner of Behave tech publishing. James has studied the natural science and technology of behaviour extensively and has written multiple books on the subject, which have sold throughout the world. James has been helping companion animal guardians resolve problem behaviour, writing and teaching since the early 1990’s.


When was it published?  2007

Who published it? Dogwise publishing

Illustrations- Black and white tables and diagrams

Other books by this author- Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs    Changing Problem Behaviour   Dominance Theory and Dogs  

                                                Empowerment Training   Separation Distress and Dogs 


“O'Heare's THE DOG AGGRESSION WORKBOOK provides a fine guide for owners of dogs who act aggressively. The workbook provides a systematic, reinforcement-based approach to changing such behaviors, offering clearly-defined strategies and tools needed to address all kinds of aggression. These are fine recommendations for trainers and general lending libraries alike”. James A. Cox

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