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The Breeders Guide to Raising a Superstar ebook

The Breeders Guide to Raising a Superstar ebook
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What is it about? This book very succinctly lays out, in easy to read and understand terms, the sensitive periods of dog development. Better yet, the author explains why they are sensitive periods and exactly what the breeder should be doing during each one. The author also makes some painfully honest statements about what he feels the breeder's responsibility should be, and unfortunately, why people who breed dogs often do not take this responsibility seriously.

People who are breeding dogs and are not properly educating the puppies or who allow puppies to leave their mother at too young an age do everyone a disservice. The problem is people still get puppies from these sources because they do not know any better. This book is an excellent source for puppy buyers to educate themselves about what a good breeder should be providing.

More about Jerry- Jerry is the owner of Canine Behavior Clinic. Since its inceptionin 1985, Jerry has been involved in solving complex behavior problems in dogs.
For the past twelve years, Jerry has been involved in research concerning puppy development. This work is what prompted his writing of the book, The Breeder's Guide to Raising Superstar Dogs. He has trained and evaluated thousands of puppies of all ages.

He has been training dogs professionally since 1975 and has more than 30 years experience including a formal education in the area of psychology and an in-depth understanding of learning theory.

When was it published? 2009

Who published it? Diamond H Publishing

Illustrations- Black and white photographs

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