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Showing Kunga ebook

Showing Kunga ebook
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What is it about?

Enter the show ring fully informed
With the exception of those who are already involved in the world of dog shows, few people know much about showing dogs and what it takes to develop a champion. Even if you take the time to read a “how-to-show your dog” book, you will likely only learn half of what you really need to know. In Showing Kunga, author Alxe Noden tells the story of how she went from being a pet owner with no interest in showing dogs to what she describes as a “dog show junkie.” This is no sugar coated story, but rather is a revealing and often humorous exploration of showing dogs, warts and all, by an author with no axe to grind and with nothing to sell other than a very entertaining and educational story. You are guaranteed to fall in love with Kunga, her fun loving and lively blue Great Dane.

More about Alxe- Alxe Noden is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker and is chief dog feeder and janitor at home. She lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband and her dogs.

When was it published- 2012

Who published it- Dogwise Publishing

Illustrations- Some colour photographs

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