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Puppy Intensive Care ebook

Puppy Intensive Care ebook
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What is it about? If puppies are on the way, you want those newborns to have the best possible chance of survival and good health by being prepared. You can’t count on a vet being available, so breeders need to learn these skills. Learn how to administer simple but effective measures to help puppies in distress. Described in friendly, non-technical terms from a long-time breeder. BONUS! Comes with a 32 minute DVD to better illustrate the techniques recommended.


More about Myra- Myra is a breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and author of the highly regarded Canine Reproduction and Whelping. Myra combines her life long interest in animals with her professional experience as a labour and delivery and neonatal care nurse to bring you this information. In addition to continuing work as an R.N, she gives seminars around the country on her methods.

When was it published? 2006

Who published it? Dogwise Publishing

Illustrations- Black and white photographs

Other books by this author- Advanced Canine Reproduction and Puppy Care Canine Reproduction and Whelping

DVD running time- 32 minutes



"I found this book to be wonderfully straight forward and potentially very useful. If I were planning a litter of puppies, I would want to have this book and would plan to be able to implement almost all of her strategies. I appreciate the fact that she tells you in the very beginning that all puppies cannot be saved – a very realistic basis from which to progress – and then presents techniques covering every contingency in order that you can give saving all of them your best try. Ms. Savant-Harris carefully lists ALL of the things you could need, and even better, tells you where to get them. It would be most wonderful to not need the information the author gives us, but having this book and the supplies close at hand would provide a very helpful safety net. The DVD clearly illustrates the topics covered in the book. I definitely plan to buy this book as I harbor the hope of having another litter someday." Barbara Starkey,MABCR Vice-President

“Black-and-white photographs illustrate Puppy Intensive Care: A Breeder's Guide to Care of Newborn Puppies is an in-depth how-to manual written especially for breeders, though aspiring veterinarians may also find it a useful reference. Chapters discuss in depth how to prepare and use all the tools that one needs to give a puppy the best possible chance of survival, even if it is born midnight on a weekend or holiday when the local vet's office is closed. Statistically, roughly thirty percent of puppies born die in infancy; with the proper equipment and knowledge to remedy environmental factors (as opposed to genetic factors, about which little can be done) this can ideally be reduced to ten percent. Chapters cover how to build and maintain a warming box, how to properly use a bulb syringe on newborn puppies, umbilical cord care, why puppies must ingest colostrum (an immunity boosting substance produced by the mother) or a suitable substitute early on, how to treat a sick newborn pup if veterinary care is not immediately available, remedying a puppy that becomes chilled or dehydrated, and much more. "If your puppy isn't breathing well, assume that he has large amounts of body fluid in his lungs, throat and nasal passages... FIRST, use the bulb syringe on the back of the throat; NEVER suction the nostrils before the throat. Syringing the nostrils first will cause the puppy to take a breath, inhaling fluids into his lungs". A 30-minute DVD accompanies this absolute must-have for anyone expecting a litter of puppies.” James A. Cox

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