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Puppy Culture Workbook

Puppy Culture Workbook
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A companion to the original Puppy Culture film, our Workbook Kit ties it all together!
A weekly nuts and bolts timeline and organizer of what to do when, based on the development of YOUR puppies.
Our charts, records, worksheets and handy at-a-glance pages have you covered so you can spend less time worrying about whether you're doing everything you should be doing and more time relaxing and enjoying all the fun Puppy Culture activities!   
Customizable and expandable - Just like puppies, no two people learn in quite the same way. So we chose a three ring binder format that you can customize to suit your learning style.  You can take pages out, move them to the back or front as you use them, add your own material or notes, or just group and reorganize things as you please.
A complete record of your litter and their developmental milestones so you can fine tune your activities with future litters and develop  your own "best practices."   


  • 188 page, three ring binder format
  • 11 chapters, each containing:
  • Cover summary page of things to gather and review for that week
  • "At A Glance" weekly developmental milestones to watch for and activities 
  • Additional guidelines with tips and cautions
  • Recipes, ideas, and shopping lists
  • 30 Pages of Charts and Worksheets, including:
  • 7 whelping, weight, and litter record charts
  • Milestone Charts
  • 19 Worksheets for Puppy Culture protocols, with scoring system

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