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K9 Structure and Terminology

K9 Structure and Terminology
K9 Structure and Terminology
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What is it about? Ideal reference book for the breeder, prospective judge, or serious enthusiast/ringside judge. Excellent information on anatomy, gait, terminology and judging. Learn not only what correct structure is; understand why it is essential to function and health. Includes a 31-page glossary to expand the meaning of words familiar to dog enthusiasts and helps explain them to those new on the subject.

More about Edward and Thelma- Edward is a multiple breed and group AKC judge, lecturer and writer. His engineering and technical writing background make him especially well suited to the task of explaining canine structure and terminology. He lives in California with his wife Pat and their retired Champion Afghans and Salukis.


Thelma, AKC, Emeritus judge, worked side by side with her husband Curtis Brown, breeding and showing dogs beginning in 1937. She is retired and living in California.

When was it published? 2001

Who published it? Dogwise Publishing


Illustrations- Black and white photographs and diagrams


Structure And How It Affects Purpose

Reviewer: Kaci Harris

This is a superb book on canine structure. I love the fact that it explains how a point of structure affects movement and the ability to perform certain tasks. I highly recommend this book and think that it would be beneficial to both beginners (just be willing to reference the glossary or diagrams when you are not sure of something) and the experienced alike.




Reviewer: working_dogz

Probably not a book for the beginner in the breed ring, this book is a must read for anyone who wants to be a serious competitor that need to better understand the process of judging purebred dogs, especially as it pertains to correct structure, breed type, heads and movement. Not all breeds are covered, but the information learned in this book can be applied in theory to any breed in developing your eye for evaluating dogs and breeding stock.


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