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Behaviour Adjustment Training 2.0
Many people in the behaviour and training world are familiar with Behaviour Adjustment Training, and..
Better Together: The Collected Wisdom of Modern Dog Trainers
Edited by Ken Ramirez The days of using a rolled-up newspaper to punish a potty mistake are long ..
Beyond the Back Yard
Most dog owners can successfully manage to teach their dogs the basic, albeit in a controlled situat..
Beyond the Basic- Unlock Your Dog's Behaviour
You are a dedicated pet owner or trainer who is willing to put a fair amount of time and though..
Demand to Win Puppies: Attention is the Mother of all Behaviours DVD
What if there were a way to actually have your puppy perform better in distracting situations? What ..
Demand to Win Puppies: Killer Free Stacks DVD
Do your puppies Demand to Win? What makes a “show dog” is that attitude that just dares the judge no..
Demand to Win Puppies: Stack and Deliver DVD
Are you making a good case for your dog in the show ring? Every time you walk into the ring, you’..
Demand to Win Puppies: Winning in Motion DVD
Want to learn how to be more relaxed and sure of yourself in the show ring? Would you like to be mor..
Dog Sport Skills, Book 4: Focus and Engage!
Attention and focus are two much sought after skills in the dog sports world. It is no use your dog ..
Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Training Jade Paws and Hearts *** Limited Edition***
  NEW LIMITED EDITION   The Rapid Rewards Training Pouch is our newest training b..
Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Training Pouch Hawaii *** Limited Edition***
  NEW LIMITED EDITION   Wholesale Discount Available- email ellen@performancedog...
Foundation Fun and Games
Success in any discipline relies on strong foundations – and agility is no different. Long before yo..
Foundations Revisited
This brand new Foundations Revisited DVD pretty much covers it all: from getting a puppy interested ..
From Birdbrained to Brilliant- Training The Sporting Dog To Be A Great Companion
Sporting dog breeds can be relatively easy to train to do what they have been bred to do be it retri..
Gamify Your Dog Training
In this book, Terry Ryan, a recognised, worldwide expert at improving both dogs and handler skills w..