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Ke- Hu Quirky
    A great toy for active tuggers, and for dogs who love a squeaky ball! The Ke-hu ..
Ke-Hu Aluminium
Designed for toughness and durability, the Ke-hu Aluminium is perfect for dogs with a hard bite – an..
Ke-Hu Bouncy
A versatile toy that bounces when it is thrown, and is also great for interactive tugging! Specia..
Ke-Hu Bulb
A toy for all occasions: throwing, tugging, and teeth cleaning! The Ke-hu Bulb features a non-toxic ..
Ke-Hu Earth
Specially designed for puppies, and for dogs with soft mouths, Ke-hu Soft Earth has a softer, more f..
Ke-Hu Fire
A hot favourite from the Ke-hu range, Ke-hu Fire is the ultimate dual-purpose toy which can be used ..
Ke-Hu National
A great toy for the aspiring international competitor – or just for having fun at home! Designed wit..
Ke-Hu Patter
A great interactive toy, with a crackle for extra fun! The Ke-hu Patter features a JW Crackle-head b..
Ke-Hu Power
If your dog needs encouragement to play, he will find the Ke-Hu Power impossible to resist! This is ..
Ke-Hu Proton
A fun, interactive toy with hidden treasure! The Ke-hu Proton uses an Atom-shaped ball, with a squea..
Ke-Hu Quirky Stick
An interactive tug bar that is suitable for hard-mouthed dogs that like to get a grip! Even better, ..
Ke-Hu Rasberry
Specially designed for small dogs, the solid rubber ball, shaped like a raspberry, is easy to grip a..
Ke-Hu Running Contacts
  A must-have for agility enthusiasts, the Ke-hu Running Contacts is one of the most adaptab..
Ke-Hu Summer Special
Finnish Ke-hu toys have many fascinating elements. Flexible handle, materials that interest the dog,..
Ke-Hu Tennis
The perfect toy for tennis ball addicts! For some dogs, only a tennis ball will do so Ke-hu has desi..