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Demand to Win Puppies: Killer Free Stacks DVD
Do your puppies Demand to Win? What makes a “show dog” is that attitude that just dares the judge no..
Demand to Win Puppies: Stack and Deliver DVD
Are you making a good case for your dog in the show ring? Every time you walk into the ring, you’..
Demand to Win Puppies: Winning in Motion DVD
Want to learn how to be more relaxed and sure of yourself in the show ring? Would you like to be mor..
Nosework Scent Discrimination DVD
By Anne Lil Kvam and Turid Rugaas What is it about? Nose work is the only activity that allows th..
Puppies: Growth Phases, Mental Development, Education and Activities: The Puppy Class DVD
What is it about? A puppy is a treasure, to be handled with care and raised with love and attention...
Puppy Scent Games DVD
What could be more fun than to sit back and watch puppies use their almost miraculous gift of scent ..
The Puppy Party DVD
What’s the most fun you'll ever have socializing puppies? Having a puppy party, of course!  We ..
The Wee Signs of Dogs DVD
By Anne Lil Kvam and Turid Rugaas What is it about? Turid Rugaas reads dogs, providing the key ..