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4) Weaves That Wow

4) Weaves That Wow
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Hands up – or paws up – all those who think weave training is a chore?

Most of us – dogs and humans alike – love agility training – but when it comes to the weaves, we tend to run out of ideas and repeat the same boring drills, session after session. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In her new book, Weaves that Wow, Amanda Shyne, a dog behaviourist and agility enthusiast, has devised over 90 exercises that are designed to take the tedium out of training. Instead of rehearsing the same routine every day – i.e. negotiating 12 poles – each exercise is focused on developing new skills so your dog can be rewarded for different behaviours. It is aimed at dogs who know how weave 12 poles but who need to be faster, more independent and more consistent.

The key to Shyne’s methodology is the clicker – a training tool that she considers much neglected in the agility world.


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