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Tricks for Balance, Strength and Co-ordination DVD

Tricks for Balance, Strength and Co-ordination DVD
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What is it about? This DVD gives step-by-step instructions for teaching your dog the 15 tricks that Silvia uses the most to improve her dogs' balance, strength, and coordination. This training is a perfect way to keep your dog fit, injury-free, and fast and agile on the agility course.

More about Silvia- Silvia Trkman as been in agility since 1992. She is a 14-time national champion of Slovenia, with five different dogs, and a 14-time World Team member, with five different dogs. Silvia has won the FCI Agility World Championships two times. Her training methods are best known for producing fast, happy, and healthy dogs, tight turns and, of course, running contacts.

When was it released- 2012

Who produced it- Silvia Trkman

Running Time- 120 minutes

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