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Beware of the Dog- Positive Solutions for Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs
What is it about- Beware of the Dog  offers a wide-ranging look at all types of aggression and ..
£17.95 £13.46
From Birdbrained to Brilliant- Training The Sporting Dog To Be A Great Companion
Sporting dog breeds can be relatively easy to train to do what they have been bred to do be it retri..
Growing Up Tasty: Spice Up Your Training DVD
What is it about- What are you going to teach your new puppy? Laughing and learning go hand in pa..
Magnetic Course Map Planner
Here's a great way to organize your course maps at trials as well as to design agility courses or "c..
Teach Your Herding Breed to be a Great Companion
What is it about- Help! He’s herding the neighborhood kids!! Herding breed dogs such as Border Coll..
Terrier Centric Training
What is it about? Train a terrier!? It can be done but… All kinds of dogs have a number of hard-wir..

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