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Great Dog, Shame About the Handler DVD

Great Dog, Shame About the Handler DVD
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What is it about

This second DVD on Agility Training by Greg Derrett is the follow up to the exceptionally successful video “Agility Foundation Training”. This video comprehensively covers all the handling aspects needed to get the best out of you and your dog. Greg explains in great detail his proven and successful methods and handling system, taking you through more than fifty training exercises. With clear logical aims and comprehensive rules, which makes remembering the system easy, Greg takes you through all the different handling manouevres. With the importance of consistancy and speed in Agility today a good handling system is essential to achieve success. The video is 1h 40 mins long and is accompanied with a booklet containing all the exercises used in the video for your quick reference.

This new & comprehensive DVD covers all the essential handling skills to gain a fast consistant dog and to achieve your dogs maximum potential.

  • All handling manoeuvres explained and demonstrated.
  • Exercises to improve all handling manoeuvres.
  • Training drills to improve the dogs speed and turning.
  • Slow motion shots to show precise timing.
  • Split Screen comparisons of handling manoeuvres.
  • Booklet containing all exercises.

More about Greg- Greg is highly acclaimed in the International Dog Agility world for his handling system and training methods. He is also extremely well known in the competitive field of dog agility, winning major national finals, winning silver and bronze medals at FCI world cups and team manager of the successful GB IFCS agility world cup teams. He has an Advanced Diploma in Animal Behaviour and conducts Dog Agility training seminars around the world with his wife Laura.

When was it released- 2003

Who produced it- GT Agility

Running time- 1 hour, 40 minutes

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