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Testimonial from Lucy Osborne, Grade 7 Agility Handler and Team GB Member

 Testimonial from Lucy Osborne, Grade 7 Agility Handler and Team GB Member
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Having sports dogs it's important to keep our best friends as fit as possible which means providing them with plenty of exercise. Most people, like me will have to lead walk to an area where you can exercise you dog. A lot of dogs can pull with excitement, applying pressure on the throat which can lead to both choking and coarse breathing.

Therefore it is important my dogs have a comfortable supportive collar to minimise the pressure on their necks, and for me, it must look good to!

When I saw these collars, what first caught my eye was the extremely funky and wide range of designs. Then I began to read into the science behind the design and became intrigued, there are a lot of collars on the market that don't do what they say on the tin! How could I know this was going to be in a different league? I continued to read up on the design and why the collar was made and shaped in the way that it is, then I began to research the designers. Still fascinated, I tried the collar out.

When the collar arrived I adjusted it using the "how to fit" guide, which is very easy to follow. The collar seemed to be a martingale style why is the only thing I wasn't completely keen on, however, don't let this dampen your view. It's very easy to adjust to stop the collar tightening, making me 100% happy again! You can also undo the collar fully to attach a flat ID disc, which is another great advantage.

When I put the collar on my Border Collie and he pulled forward, there was absolutely no coughing or even coarse breathing. This is a collar that is actually comfortable and gives the dynamic support needed. I found that the contoured sides allow a free range of leg movement and there was no rubbing as the shoulder moved.  I honestly can't believe the difference it makes in comparison to the majority of collars on the market, I'm very happy with the product and highly recommend it to people with sporting dogs, or pet owners.



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