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Dog Show Judging ebook

Dog Show Judging ebook
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What is it about? Look beyond the television image of a focused man or woman awarding ribbons and learn what it’s really like to judge dogs! Chris Walkowicz, a successful exhibitor and one of the top AKC judges, explains with humor and warmth how she, and others as committed as she is, learn their craft. Find out how judges get started, build their skills, and acquire their judging credentials. And learn about all the other things a judge must master including travel hassles, finances, and record keeping.

While writing in a light-hearted vein, Chris answers important questions. What do judges want from exhibitors? What do exhibitors want from judges? Learn from the author how to make the dog showing experience more successful for all.


More about Chris- Chris began showing and breeding German Shepherds in 1965, adding Bearded Collies in 1977. More than 50 Walkoway Beardies and Shepherds have finished their Championships and Register of Merits, and nearly 60 dogs have performance titles. Chris judges nationally and internationally and is an award winning author of several books.

When was it published? 2009

Who published it? Dogwise Publishing

llustrations- Black and white cartoon drawings

“How does one call a show parading the best of the canine species? "Dog Show Judging: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" discusses dog show judging and how would be judges can do their best to be unbiased, clear calling judges, including how to break into the business. A career path for those who truly love dogs, Chris Walkowicz draws on his own experience to create a solid and very recommended read. "Dog Show Judging" is a top pick that is a must for anyone who wants to pursue this career.” James A. Cox

“Since 1995, award winning author Walkowicz has judged conformation shows across the U.S. and around the world. In this book, she guides readers through the steps of becoming an AKC judge, the commitment to ongoing education, keeping good records, and how to run a ring with efficiency and fairness. Prospective judges and exhibitors alike will appreciate her sense of humour- especially her “war stories” – as ell as her sounds tips “from judges to judges.” A must for anyone who spends time in the ring." Natalie Ann Comeau


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