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Puppies: Growth Phases, Mental Development, Education and Activities: The Puppy Class DVD
What is it about? A puppy is a treasure, to be handled with care and raised with love and attention...
Puppy Care and Training
  What is it about- This handy and informative guide provides you with expert advic..
Puppy Culture 4 DVD Set
  Running time- 5 hours, 21 minutes Now available exclusively in the UK from Dogbooks..
Puppy Primer
  What is it about? Dr. McConnell added new information about the benefits of positive reinf..
Puppy Problems? No Problem! (with DVD)
  What is it about? The author of Maxwell Award winner Canine Body Language a..
Puppy Raising Made Easy
  What is it about?  The essential guide to rearing, training and caring. Broken d..
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Puppy Scent Games DVD
What could be more fun than to sit back and watch puppies use their almost miraculous gift of scent ..
Purely Positive Dog Training ebook
CLICK HERE FOR EBOOK USER INSTRUCTIONS What is it about? Train your dog the positive way. Inc..
Quick Clicks
What is it about? Quick Clicks explains the technique of clicker training without the often-con..
Reaching the Animal Mind- Clicker Training And What It Teaches Us About All Animals
What is it about? A Dog World Top 12 Training and Behavior Book - 2010! 2009 DWAA Maxwell Win..
Reactivity- A Programme for Rehabilitation 2 DVD Set
What is it about? This DVD covers how to train the most important behaviors and and skills needed fo..
Really Reliable Recall DVD
What is it about? From well-known trainer Leslie Nelson! Easy to follow steps to train your dog to c..
Really Reliable Recall ebook
CLICK HERE FOR EBOOK USER INSTRUCTIONS What is it about?  From well-known trainer Leslie Nel..
Refining Your Training Skills DVD
What is it about?  How can we better our training skills? Emily created the seminar ‘Refining Y..
Reinforcement Strategies 2 DVD Set
What is it about? Reinforcement is the key to successful training, as most trainers already know! Ho..

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