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Control Unleashed: The Puppy Program
What is it about? Control Unleashed®: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog was written as a problem-..
Crate Games for Motivation and Control DVD
What is it about?  The much talked about DVD has finally arrived! Step-by-step training that is..
Demand to Win Puppies: Attention is the Mother of all Behaviours DVD
What if there were a way to actually have your puppy perform better in distracting situations? What ..
Demand to Win Puppies: Killer Free Stacks DVD
Do your puppies Demand to Win? What makes a “show dog” is that attitude that just dares the judge no..
Demand to Win Puppies: Stack and Deliver DVD
Are you making a good case for your dog in the show ring? Every time you walk into the ring, you’..
Demand to Win Puppies: Winning in Motion DVD
Want to learn how to be more relaxed and sure of yourself in the show ring? Would you like to be mor..
Do As I Do 5 DVD Set
****50% OFF!*** What is it about? Social learning means acquiring new behaviours from the observa..
Do As I Do: Using Social Learning to Train Dogs Book
What is it about? Train dog based on “social learning”? Yes! Recent research suggests that dogs can..
Do Over Dogs
  What is it about?  What exactly is a Do-Over Dog? It might be a rescue dog you’r..
Does My Dog Need Prozac
What is it about? In this collection of articles Debbie Jacobs explores the challenges many dogs fac..
Dog Aggression: From Fearful, Reactive and Hyperactive to Focused, Happy and Calm
What is it about? Fearful, aggressive, reactive, unruly, or just too rambunctious— does this describ..
Dog Insight
  What is it about? Trainers and animal behaviourists around the globe consider Pam Reid’s E..
Dog Sport Skills, Book 4: Focus and Engage!
Attention and focus are two much sought after skills in the dog sports world. It is no use your dog ..
Dog Training Made Easy
    What is it about? This book begins by tracing dog's ancestry and looking at thei..
Dogs are from Neptune
What is it about? Jean Donaldson is dogdom’s most influential dog trainer and behaviorist and a b..

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