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Changing Problem Behaviour ebook

Changing Problem Behaviour ebook
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What is it about? Changing Problem Behaviour is a manual for implementing programmes designed to change behaviour. From the functional assessment of problem behaviours, through constructing and implementing a behaviour changing programme and transitioning to the ongoing maintenance of changes. It takes a behaviour analytic approach with a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement based methods and avoidance of aversive methods. It presents a systematic and natural science based approach to managing problem behaviour cases for professional animal behaviourists. The strategies and procedures are applicable to all species.

More about James- James O’Heare, CABC, is president of The Companion Animal Sciences Institute, Director of the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals, editor of the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behaviour and owner of Behave tech publishing. James has studied the natural science and technology of behaviour extensively and has written multiple books on the subject, which have sold throughout the world. James has been helping companion animal guardians resolve problem behaviour, writing and teaching since the early 1990’s.

When was it published? 2010

Who published it? Dogwise Publishing

Pages- 140

Illustrations- Black and white tables and diagrams

More books by this author- Empowerment Training The Dog Aggression Workbook Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs

Separation Distress and Dogs Domninance Theory and Dogs


“Understanding the mind of an animal is key to training it. "Changing Problem Behavior: A Systematic & Comprehensive Approach To Behavior Change Project Management" is a veterinary psychology manual from James O'Heare, detailing analytical approach to training behaviors out of animals that is causing issues for the owner and pet union. With the fundamentals that can apply to all species, O'Heare provides a solid and very highly recommended guide for those who must train animals. "Changing Problem Behavior" is a core addition to any veterinary psychology collection.” James A. Cox


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