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What is it about? A wealth of invaluable guidance from a team of experts on every aspect of dog health and care. Divided into five easy to read sections covering dog management, dog behaviour and training, your dog in health and illness, taking care of your dog and signs and symptoms of illness, this guide offers all you need to know for the more experienced and first timer. With a special focus on health and illness, readers will learn how to recognise a problem and how to deal with it. Concise and well written it is one of the best references on dog care in print today.

More about Jim and Kay- Jim Evans is a highly experienced vet, who has specialised in the care of dogs. He has been a Captain with the Army Dog Training School in Germany, and worked with many companies in the pet care industry. He has written numerous scientific papers and has travelled worldwide on lecture tours. Kay White is a journalist and prolific author who actively supports an overall educational initiative directed at establishing improved pet care.

When was it published? 1997

Who published it? Ringpress Books

Illustrations- Black and white photographs

More books by this author-  Puppylopaedia  Breeding a Litter  Book of the Bitch 

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