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A Breeder's Guide to Genetics ebook

A Breeder's Guide to Genetics ebook
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What is it about? The study of genetics should be fun and, especially at the basic level, give one the confidence to delve deeper. This book offers basic information to the "scientifically challenged" and to beginners. Introduces concepts such as dominant and recessive genes, polygenic inheritance, and genomic imprinting. Various breeding programs are explored in great detail. Issues such as breeding fads and common myths are candidly addressed. Also information on DNA testing, hybrid vigor, understanding pedigrees, and sex chromosomes. An entire section features the basic concepts of color inheritance. All scientific concepts and terms are clearly explained, often by using practical examples. Includes a carefully selected reference section, and provides breeders with the tools to make more informed breeding decisions.

More about Ingrid and Denise- Ingrid Wood was born and raised in Germany. In 1970, she followed her American-born husband to the USA. After raising their son Benjamin in the quaintly historical town of Mount Holly, the Woods currently lives happily at Stormwind Farm in Springfield, New Jersey. There they tend to a slowly expanding herd of Huacaya alpacas and their beloved Whippets. Wood’s interests include writing, reading non-fiction, spinning the fine fiber of her alpacas, gardening, and lure coursing as well as racing the Stormwind Whippets.

Denise Como is a life-long resident of New Jersey. She became interested in purebred dogs as a teenager in 1966, when she purchased her first Collie. The diverse group of sighthound breeds captivated her attention shortly thereafter. Having owned and bred Borzoi for decades under her Wolfwind prefix, Denise and her husband also share the house with Whippets, Salukis of desert lineage, occasionally Greyhounds, and the remains of a small colony of rare sighthounds from India known as Rampur Hounds. Their two sons and their daughter are grown with families of their own.

When was it published? 2004

Who published it? AuthorHouse

Illustrations- Black and white photographs and diagrams

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