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Management Magic ebook

Management Magic ebook
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What is it about? When you first bring a new dog or puppy into your family, it takes a lot of planning and management to set up for success. As your puppy matures or your new dog becomes part of your family, less and less management is required. Good management means: Plan Ahead for Success!! In other words, you set up your dog to be right! Use positive reinforcement to shape and reward behavior. Booklet is not meant to address serious behavior problems that your dog may already have. A terrific handout for household/pet obedience or puppy classes!

More about Leslie and Gail-  Leslie has a degree in education and has been teaching classes since 1973. She is also a APDT member. She has been involved with animals her entire life and has bred and shown numerous Afghan breed champions and performance dogs. She has trained two of her Afghan Hounds to the Utility Dog title. She continues to compete with her own dogs, which include Afghan Hounds, Whippets and Standard Poodles and she has recently caught the very contagious agility bug. Gail has owned several pet related busineses in Connecticut – a boarding kennel, a grooming shop, and a dog training school.

When was it published? 1997

Who published it? Tails you Win

Illustrations- Black and white cartoon drawings

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