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How to Run a Dog Business ebook

How to Run a Dog Business ebook
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What is it about? The demand for skilled dog trainers, dog walkers, dog sitters and dog daycare operators has never been greater. To succeed in one of these fields, you’ll need more than dog expertise—you’ll need business savvy as well. Written for the non-business person, Veronica Boutelle, the industry’s top consultant, gives you the information you need to start, operate, and prosper in your chosen field. Learn how to analyze your market, set prices, and advertise services. Find out what kind of insurance, licenses, and professional qualifications you'll need. Best of all, get a solid start with advance planning and realistic insights from an expert in the field.

More about Veronica - Veronica is the founder of dogTEC, the top business consultant in the dog service industry, a sought after speaker and workshop leader, and author of How to Run a Dog Business- Putting your Career Where Your Heart Is.

When was it published? 2007

Who published it? Dogwise Publishing

Illustrations- None


“A professional dog-trainer, Veronica Boutelle is also the former Director of Behavior and Training at the San Francisco SPCA. In "How To Run A Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is", she draws upon her many years of experience and expertise to show aspiring dog trainers wanting to start their own business how to analyze their market, set prices, and advertise their services; determine what licenses, insurance, and professional affiliations are needed; create systems that profitably streamline the business; and how to balance work demands with having a personal life. Exceptionally well written and superbly organized, "How To Run A Dog Business" is very highly recommended for aspiring professionals, as well as non-specialized general readers who enjoy the company and training of their canine”.

“Between 10 and 20 percent of start-up businesses survive two years. These grim statistics discourage many from taking the plunge even though a sensible business plan can ensure a firm footing tin that tiny percentage. Author Veronica Boutelle, former director of Behavior and Training at the San Francisco SPCA, now works as a full-time business consultant. Rather than trying to squash anyone’s dreams, she highlights some obvious reasons why new ventures flounder and offers sensible precautions such as investigating all aspects of a prospective career, especially those parts that do not involve interaction with dogs. In addition to loving dogs, you must enjoy working with people and be willing to delve into the commercial side of it. This is the part most people dread, and she makes it as painless as possible, starting with preliminary steps such as creating a business plan, estimating a budget, and finding start-up capital. Most topics are cut and dried, but she also tackles gray areas such as avoiding burnout and deciding when to take on a partner… Boutelle includes plenty of real-life profiles to illustrate typical hurdles such as expanding part-time aspirations into a viable full-time career and retroactively obtaining a business license… Much of the advice can be applied to many small businesses, but the book is tailored to the needs of trainers, dog talkers, pet sitters, and day-care operators, which represents only a segment of flourishing dog businesses.” Amy Fernandez

“…The book covers every topic from A to Z that a new business owner needs to deal with and serves as an excellent check list to follow along your journey. In fact, the resource section – which is comprehensive and chock full of information – includes check lists for readers to follow. When the author cannot point each reader to the specific resource in their state, she provides search terms for a Google search to help the reader find the pertinent information. The book can be read straight through, or the reader can pick it up and look up information quickly on a particular topic, as needed… If you are starting a business, are fairly new to your business, or are already running an established business looking for some inspiration or a quick way to be sure all your T’s are crossed and your I’s dotted, grab a copy of Veronica Boutelle’s guide to the business end of the leash!” Cara Shannon


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