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Help For Your Arthritic Dog ebook

Help For Your Arthritic Dog ebook
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What is it about? Certain foods and supplements can have a big impact on inflammation and bring relief from stiffness and pain. Understand that what you are feeding these dogs can be a powerhouse of help or cause more problems, so choose wisely! This is not about mantra or belief systems. Rather, help comes from understanding the anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory response to certain foods and supplements and lifestyle changes. Follow the guidelines in this booklet and join the ranks of clients who saw success by using my protocol.

More about Monica- Monica Segal is certified in Animal Health Care with studies in animal nutrition, human nutrition, physiology, diseases and parasites, as well as pet care.

She has been a regular guest on Talk 640 Radio, interviewed on Breakfast Television and City TV in Toronto, KFWB in Los Angeles and Pet Talk hosted by Mitch Wilder. She writes

feature articles for publications throughout North America.

Monica conducts seminars and workshops by invitation, hosts an Internet discussion group “K9Kitchen,” and authored two books, K9 Kitchen, Your Dogs’ Diet: The Truth Behind The Hype (2002), and Optimal Nutrition, Raw and Cooked Canine Diets: The Next Level (2007). Monica lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband, Morley, and their Cavalier, Tori.

When was it published? 2011

Who published it? Doggie Diner

Illustrations- none

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