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Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso
Lhasa Apso
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What is it about? This is a specialist book on the Lhasa Apso tracing its origins in Tibet through to its development as a popular show dog and companion dog in the west. There is information on all aspects of caring for a Lhasa including choosing a puppy, preparing your home for a Lhasa, and guidance on feeding and exercise. The Lhasa’s coat is its crowning glory, and there is comprehensive coverage of grooming a show dog, as well as coat care for the pet dog.  Helpful advice is given on training and socialisation, and overcoming problem behaviour. There is in-depth analysis of the Breed Standard, and a chapter devoted to preventative health care and breed specific disorders.

Who wrote it? – Juliette Cunliffe

More about Juliette – Juliette is a renowned authority on Tibetan breeds; she has owned Lhasa Apsos for over 30 years, breeding and exhibiting them with considerable success under her Modhish affix. She is a Championship show judge of the breed, and has officiated at Crufts as well as travelling overseas on judging appointments. For this book, Juliette has hand-picked a team of Lhasa Apso experts to contribute to the text.

When was it published? First published 2010

Who published it? The Pet Book Publishing Company

Pages- 148

Illustrations- More than 120 specially commissioned colour photographs 

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