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Jack Russell

Jack Russell
Jack Russell
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What is it about? This is a specialist book on the Jack Russell tracing its origins and development, including the split between the show Parson Russell Terrier, and the Jack Russell that most people keep as pets. There is information on all aspects of caring for a Jack Russell including choosing a puppy, preparing your home for a Jack Russell, and guidance on feeding, grooming and exercise. This is a highly intelligent, active little dog, with a mind of his own. Helpful advice is given on training and socialisation, and there are lots of ideas for activities to do with your Jack Russell. For those interested in showing, there is in-depth analysis of the Breed Standard for the Parson Russell, and a chapter devoted to preventative health care and breed specific disorders.

Who wrote it? Emily Bates

More about Emily – Emily has been involved with dogs for well over 30 years, during which time she has exhibited dogs with considerable success. Also a caring breeder and Championship show judge, she awards Challenge Certificates in four breeds. She judges extensively abroad where her expertise and her lectures on dogs are in high demand.

When was it published? 2010

Who published it? The Pet Book Publishing Company

Pages- 148

Illustrations- More than 120 specially commissioned colour photographs 

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