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What is it about? This is a specialist book on the Chihuahua tracing its origins and background, and including all aspects of caring for this, the smallest of dog breeds. There is information on choosing a puppy, preparing your home for a Chihuahua, and guidance on feeding, grooming and exercise. The Chihuahua maybe small in size but he more than makes up for it in personality, and he needs an owner he can respect. Advice is given on this, along with help on socialisation and training.  There is an in-depth analysis of the Breed Standard, and a chapter devoted to preventative health care and breed specific disorders.

Who wrote it? Edited by Margaret Greening

More about Margaret – Margaret has been breeding and exhibiting Chihuahuas under her Hamaja affix for some 50 years. She has kept both longcoats and smoothcoats and has made up Champions in the UK and overseas. A number of her home-bred Chis have won Best of Breed at Crufts. For this book, Margaret has hand-picked a team Chihuahua experts to contribute to the text.

When was it published? 2011

Who published it? The Pet Book Publishing Company

Pages- 148

Illustrations- More than 120 specially commissioned colour photographs 

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