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Border Terrier

Border Terrier
Border Terrier
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What is it about? This is a specialist book on the Border Terrier tracing its origins and background, and including all aspects of caring for this popular breed. There is information on choosing a puppy, preparing your home for a Border Terrier, and guidance on feeding, grooming and exercise. The Border Terrier is a fearless and determined dog, bred to use his own initiative, so training and socialisation are essential. This is given comprehensive coverage, plus lots of ideas for activities with Border Terriers. There is analysis of the Breed Standard for those who want to get involved in showing or breeding, and there is a chapter devoted to health issues.

Who wrote it? Edited by Betty Judge

More about Betty: Betty has enjoyed great success breeding and showing Border Terriers under her Plushcourt affix. She has made up 11 British Champions, and there are some 25 other Champion Border Terriers worldwide from the Plushcourt kennel. Betty is a member of the Kennel Club and is a Championship show judge for the Border Terrier as well judging all hounds and terriers at Open Shows.  Betty has hand-picked a team Border Terrier experts to contribute to the text.

When was it published? 2009

Who published it? The Pet Book Publishing Company

Pages: 148

Illustrations: More than 120 specially commissioned colour photographs 

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