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Behaviour Problems in Dogs ebook

Behaviour Problems in Dogs ebook
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What is it about? Here is the book veterinarians refer to when solving challenging behavior problems. Correcting problem behavior begins with understanding what caused the problem in the first place. Problem solving includes understanding what is going on inside the dog’s head and learning how human interactions can cause or worsen the problem. Humane, efficient, and effective ways of dealing with negative behaviors.

More about Bill: Bill has championed holistic treatment for pet dog behaviour problems since he began writing as contributing editor on pet dog behaviour to Modern Veterinary Practice magazine in 1972. The first edition of behaviour problems in dogs,1975, gave pet care professionals the tools necessary to provide enlightened guidance to clients, finding the root causes and corrections for their dogs malbehaviour The third revision incorporates the latest useful concepts and techniques, meaning they are proven humane and effective.

When was it published? 1999

Who published it? Dogwise Publishing (USA)

Illustrations: Black and white photographs

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A Classic!

Reviewer: DogCatcher

This book was around before Veterinarians became behaviorists, before TV shows about dog training, and is based on the sound research of Drs. Scott and Fuller that still stands today. William Campbell has a practical solution for everything an owner might want to change whether he wants to know the why's or not. He also explains the why for your sake. Great Book.



Excellent for trainers

Reviewer: ZKV

I had not found any book that could replace this one. I like his problem solving methods and it helped me inspire solving cases many times. I would advise it to any trainer, not sure if useful to owners.

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