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Agility Diary
What is it about? And it's out! This DVD is continuation of a Puppy Diary and shows everything I did..
Agility Is Just Another Game
Foundation Fun- Agility is Just Another Game! by Silvia Trkman What is it about? The Foundations ..
Foundations Revisited
This brand new Foundations Revisited DVD pretty much covers it all: from getting a puppy interested ..
Fun, Fast and Fabulous Weaves DVD
What is it about? This DVD shows the easiest way to train weaves from zero to perfection, giving you..
Heeling is Just Another Trick
What is it about? Heeling is not a boring exercise! Heeling can be lots of fun for both you and your..
Puppy Diary DVD
Running time- 3 hours, 24 minutes Silvia Trkman has achieved phenomenal success on the agility sc..
Ready Steady Go
What is it about? The DVD addresses conditioning, attitude, games to play, dealing with stress, and ..
The Easiest Way to Running Contacts DVD
Silvia Trkman's new DVD, putting a twist to her previous Running Contacts video - making the process..
Tricks for a Great Bond DVD
What is it about? This DVD explains the 10 positive side-effects of teaching tricks and gives a gene..
Tricks for Balance, Strength and Co-ordination DVD
What is it about? This DVD gives step-by-step instructions for teaching your dog the 15 tricks that ..
Tricks for Better Thinking Skills DVD
Running time- 80 minutes Teaching your dog tricks is fantastic for many reasons. It helps to esta..
Xtreme Foundations
With the standard of the sport constantly improving, it is no secret that agility course are undoubt..

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