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In Focus Need for Speed DVD
***30% OFF!*** What is it about? Sometimes a dog doesn't show as much enthusiasm about doing agil..
Interactive Play Guide
Interactive Play Guide by Craig Ogilvie.     In this book, Craig Ogilvie, q..
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International Agility Challenges
What is it about- “An invaluable resource book for handlers and trainers looking to advance their sk..
International Handling With Marco Giavoni DVD
What is it about? In this DVD Marco teaches international handling skills and drills with a variety ..
Introduction to Handling 3 DVD Set
What is it about?  A must-see for all agility competitors, this DVD is an actual seminar presen..
Jumping from A-Z ebook
‎CLICK HERE FOR EBOOK USER INSTRUCTIONS What is it about?  Safe as well as spectacular jumpi..
Jumping Grid Workbook
What is it about? The jumping book that trainers have been asking for! The Jumping Grid Workb..
Keep Calm and Get Your Contacts Car Sign
For use in cars, vans or any mode of transport involving your pet. Includes a sucker for sturdy d..
Knowledge Equals Speed
What is it about? Learn successful dog agility or improve your skills with a World Championship trai..
Lee Gibson Agility Workbook
The Lee Gibson Agility Work Book Ever been lacking direction, structure and a sense of progressio..
Making Rubber Contact Skins
What is it about? This book provides start-to-finish instructions for making your own rubber skin..
Mastering Jumping Skills
Mastering Jumping Skills by Linda Mecklenburg ~~Mastering Jumping Skills The sport of agility is..
Never Forget! ebook
CLICK HERE FOR EBOOK USER INSTRUCTIONS What is it about? Never Forget! The Ultimate Program for M..
Off Leash Reliability Through Relationship Building Games 2 DVD Set
What is it about? This DVD gives step-by-step instruction on how to train a variety of fun games tha..
On Course to Excel
What is it about? ‘On Course to Excel’ is the fourth DVD in Greg Derrett’s series on dog agility tra..

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