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Another Piece of the Puzzle

Another Piece of the Puzzle
Another Piece of the Puzzle Another Piece of the Puzzle Another Piece of the Puzzle Another Piece of the Puzzle
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What is it about? From Pat Hastings and other experts, learn about the impact of puppy-rearing practices and socialization on a puppy's ability to develop happily and confidently in the challenging human world. Begins with an overview of developmental stages and moves on to selected articles by respected dog people about the contributions breeders and owners can make to their puppies' health, well-being and sure-footedness. Whether you're a breeder, exhibitor, performance competitor, puppy owner or prospective puppy buyer, what you learn may surprise you and will at least make you better prepared for your next experience with puppies.

Who wrote it? Pat Hastings & Erin Ann Rouse. 

More about Pat and Erin: Pat has been involved in the dog world since 1959. She has run the gamat from pet owner to owner- handler, breeder and professional handler, educator and judge. Pat presented the highly acclaimed seminar, Tricks of the Trade, for over 15 years and continues to give her popular Puppy Puzzle presentation at national specialities. She is currently an AKC judge for the Non- Sporting and Herding Groups, half of the Working Group, Junior Showmanship and Best in Show.

Erin has been a professional writer for over 25 years, focusing on dogs and their people for the past several years. She has shared her life with several dogs- from a sweet natured Schnauzer- Poodle mix and TV watching Cocker Spaniel to a rescued Vizsla, demure Norfolk Terrier and champion Border Terrier

When was it published? 2004

Who published it? Dogwise Publishing

Illustrations- Black and white photographs

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Puppy Development

Reviewer: Lynn Cone

I love this book. I always give it in my puppy packet to my puppy buyers, it gives such a great insight into puppy development and families know what they can expect.



Excellent Book

Reviewer: Vicki Allenbrand

This is a great book to have around for a new litter. I have followed this book with my most recent litter and have found a positive difference in their development. I send a copy of the book with each puppy buyer so they can continue to help their puppies develop in a positive way. In addition, it goes into nutrition, preparing for the show ring and other topics beyond raising a litter.


Awesome book for anyone with a puppy

Reviewer: Stevie Mathre

A series of essays, written by various people in many aspects of dogs. Each essay can stand on its own. Some are in depth, some short & to-the-point. The first essay talking about development at various ages is invaluable! Although the first few weeks at the breeder’s home will be over by the time puppy comes home, the information is useful & the suggestions for the next weeks will keep you going on the right road.

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