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My Dog Pulls- What Do I Do? ebook
CLICK HERE FOR EBOOK USER INSTRUCTIONS What is it about? Easy to follow instructions that teac..
Off Leash Reliability Through Relationship Building Games 2 DVD Set
What is it about? This DVD gives step-by-step instruction on how to train a variety of fun games tha..
On Course to Excel
What is it about? ‘On Course to Excel’ is the fourth DVD in Greg Derrett’s series on dog agility tra..
Optimal Nutrition- Raw and Cooked Canine Diets ebook
CLICK HERE FOR EBOOK USER INSTRUCTIONS What is it about-  An indispensable canine nutrition ..
Pattern Games DVD
What is it about? This DVD will introduce you to Pattern Games, a simple set of exercises that provi..
Pocket Bungee- Sheepskin Ball Tug
Designed to fit into the palm of your hand when folded, this very popular toy is great when you need..
Preparing Dogs for Competition 2 DVD Set
***50% OFF!*** What is it about? This program will give you a step-by-step plan to prepare your d..
Proofing Jump Work with Motion 3-DVD Set
What is it about?  This DVD specifically addresses the proofing of motion in your dog’s jump wo..
Pup 2 Perfection 2 DVD Set
What is it about? Do you want to understand play work, specific toy skills, recall, lifeskills, dist..
Puppy Diary DVD
Running time- 3 hours, 24 minutes Silvia Trkman has achieved phenomenal success on the agility sc..
Puppy Jumping DVD
What is it about?  Every course your dog will perform is mostly jumps, so he should approach ju..
Puppy Raising Made Easy
  What is it about?  The essential guide to rearing, training and caring. Broken d..
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Quick Clicks
What is it about? Quick Clicks explains the technique of clicker training without the often-con..
Rabbit Skin Ball Tug
Similar to our Rabbit Skin Tugs with the addition of a mini foam tennis ball. The rabbit fur gives y..
Rabbit Skin Bungee Tug
The Rabbit Skin Bungee tugs are great alternative to our Sheepskin Bungee tugs and also great for do..

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